The TATP Years: St Patrick’s Day Special!

Unless you’ve somehow missed the hordes of blokes roaming the streets dressed as Rory from Glee with Roger Varley from Camberwick Green‘s hat on singing “I’m Mick The Marmaliser so I am but like the Murphy’s I’m not bitter YER CAN SEE THE JOIN” in a West Midlands accent, you’ll no doubt be aware that this Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day! And what better way to celebrate than with Twelve Lovely Pints*? Well, for starters, there’s the St. Patrick’s Day Special of The TATP Years!

Yes, it’s time for thirty minutes’ worth of ‘audio collage’ Blarney Stone-kissing with our favourite musicians, comedians, films and TV programmes of Emerald Isle extraction, including Val Doonican, Ash, Marxman, Terry Wogan, The Commitments, Dave Allen, Father Ted, Mellow Candle, Stiff Little Fingers, The Divine Comedy, That Petrol Emotion, The Corrs, Phil Lynott, Michael Redmond, The Rubberbandits, Don’t Feed The Gondolas, Dana, ‘everyone’s favourite shouting felt bastards’ Zig & Zag, and – GET THIS!! – highly banned Radio 4 sitcom Eamon: Older Brother Of Jesus – the perfect soundtrack to preparing for your evening’s revelry and downing that complimentary Uncle O’Grimacey ‘Shamrock Shake’TM in one. To be honest there was even more we wanted to get in, and were so spoiled for choice that we decided to limit it to stuff that was actually about Ireland (sort of), so bad luck Therapy?, B*witched, The Frank & Walters and Wanderley Wagon. Oh, and ‘Jimmy Lennon’ from Lost.

So, kick off your shoes, stick on a Rodge & Podge video, lock Peter Petrelli in a cargo container and will you not join me, Ted? You can download it here, or subscribe via iTunes. Or, if you prefer your St. Patrick’s Day in Welsh, there’s always the St David’s Day Special

*Please enjoy Being A Puppet On Eurovision responsibly.

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