The TATP Years: Go On, You’ve Got Another Five Seconds, Say Something 1976…

It’s time for the sixth and final instalment of the second series of year-evoking audio collage The TATP Years – the new craze, they tell me – and just let us see 1976 in action!

Yes, it’s the year when squares, flares and Hartley Hare took to the hills in fear of spiky-haired individuals shouting ‘BARSTARD’, but behind the filth and indeed the fury it was also a year of Blondie, Ripping Yarns, The Ramones, Big John Little John, Doctor Who, Candi Staton, Keith Chegwin, Assault On Precinct 13Top Of The Pops, Al Stewart, Bugsy Malone, The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin, Wings, George Harrison, Network, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Queen, Noel Edmonds’ Multicoloured Swap Shop, Thin Lizzy, Can, So It GoesThe Slipper And The Rose, The Runaways, Car Wash, 5000 Volts, a chart-topping jeans advert and Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots. You’ll never guess what with. “The other rocker, Eamonn, I’m saying nothing about him…”

You can download it directly here, or subscribe via iTunes, and don’t forget that the rest of series two – 2004, 196419821972 and 1997 – are still available, and if you want series one and loads of other good stuff besides you could always try here. We’ll be back soon(ish) with series three, but in the meantime there’ll be more of those TATP Years ‘commentaries’, and plenty of other projects to keep you distracted. Including New Chart Riot



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