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If you’ve ended up here after reading Fun At One, you’ll find my ‘official’ site at timworthington.blogspot.co.uk. There’s loads of good stuff there, honest!

Full Steam Ahead!

Full Steam Ahead!Full Steam Ahead! is a mix I did for Internet radio featuring pop songs and soundtrack stuff from the days of boiler-fired locomotives, featuring The Kinks, The Move, Chigley, The Beatles, Ivor The Engine, Kevin Ayers, Michael Bentine, Paul Temple and more. Hear it here.

is this music? Reviewed


Wondering what this is this music? book is all about? Well, here’s a pretty decent review of its rather bizarre contents.

You can find out more about is this music? itself here.

Fun At One

Fun At OneFun At One, my exhaustive history of all things even halfway comedic on BBC Radio 1, has lots of new detail on the Radio 1 shows of Chris Morris, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Kenny Everett, Viv Stanshall, Eric Idle, Armando Iannucci, The Mary Whitehouse Experience and many more, not to mention the likes of John Peel, Mark Radcliffe, Stuart Maconie, Andrew Collins etc. Find out more at the Fun At One website here.

Arena: Dylan In The Madhouse

Arena: Dylan In The MadhouseFrom way back in the archives, here’s my review of Arena: Dylan In The Madhouse, BBC4’s documentary about Bob Dylan’s long-wiped appearance in BBC play Madhouse On Castle Street. Read it here.

You can find a detailed article about Madhouse On Castle Street in my book Not On Your Telly; find out more about that here.

Out On Blue Six on Twitter

Out On Blue Six on TwitterDon’t forget that you can follow Out On Blue Six on Twitter for even more vaguely related nonsense. Click here and find out what you’re letting yourself in for…

That Sight, Those Sounds…

That Sight, Those Sounds...That Sight, Those Sounds… is my look back at an early nineties compilation of late sixties psychedelic pop on BBC TV, giving a glimpse of a strange age in which the likes of Pink Floyd, The Who and Jimi Hendrix rocked up at Television Centre for a bit of a chat with unimpressed tweedy presenters. You can read it here.

Pop Club Time Machine: 1966

Pop Club Time Machine: 1966Pop Club Time Machine stops off in 1966 for the sights and sounds of the year that The Beatles stole the World Cup from a dog or something, courtesy of Camberwick Green, Love, The Isley Brothers, Alfie, The Yardbirds, Delia Derbyshire, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, The Left Banke, The Beach Boys, Radio London, Nancy Sinatra, Carry On Screaming and more. Hear it here.

Cult Bin Corner: The Left Banke

Cult Bin Corner: The Left BankeIn tribute to Michael Brown, the genius behind sixties ‘Baroque Pop’ outfit The Left Banke, here’s a bit of a chat about my love of their music that I had with Ben Baker a while back. Hear it here.

TATP: The Book

TATP: The BookTATP: The Book, featuring highlights from the magazine part of our cross-platform web-print-podcast trivia experience (including my features on Video Nasties, Spitting Image, David Bowie, The Beatles, The BBC Globe and much more) is now available FREE as an eBook. You can get it from here, or if you want to find out more about it (and how to get hold of a print copy), click here.